The distinguishing differences between a suit jacket, blazer and sports jacket are mainly due to tradition. The suit is the most formal attire and requires a pair of matching pants. The blazer was created for less formal events and is generally looser fitting and does not have matching trousers. The sports jacket is much shorter and less formal than a blazer and was firstly created for wear at sporting events.

A navy sports jacket should be a staple piece in every man’s wardrobe given its extreme versatility. It’s as much at home in the business world as it is at a friends birthday lunch over the weekend. Below we run through 5 different ways to wear the jacket and each responding level of formality.

Formal/Business – Trousers, Shirt and Tie

The key to ensuring you meet a quality standard of formality is having a well-tailored pair of trousers, not just a pair of chinos or jeans. Additionally, a simple tie and pocket square combination as well as a traditional dress shoe such as an oxford or loafer will ensure you tick all the right boxes. In keeping with the business theme make sure you are wearing socks the same colour as your trouser.  Tip: A pair of grey woolen trousers is a smart match for any navy sports jacket.

Casual – Chinos and Polo Shirt

This look is quite unknown in Australia and is extremely under-utilized. It fits perfectly with a semi-formal or smart casual setting and can really showcase your style.

Semi-Formal – Unbuttoned Dress Shirt

The most common look when it comes to semi-formal attire includes a sports jacket, unbuttoned dress shirt and mismatched trousers/chinos. It’s a very smart look and easy to do well. The biggest mistake most gentleman make is matching their structured jacket with a pair of casual chinos. A pair of tailored trousers is usually more appropriate for the occasion and will ensure you look your best and complete a clean look with no awful wrinkles in your pants.

Casual – T-Shirt

This is a simple look and really commands a simple approach. Stick to basic garments and basic colours to pull off an inconspicuous yet elegant dress style.

Already have a navy sports jacket?

Let’s explore your next option which should incorporate some light earthy or pastel tones. Additionally a jacket with a bold pattern is a versatile option to have in your wardrobe. Both jackets can be paired with a smart pair of tailored trousers in a neutral colour.

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