A gentleman doesn’t follow trends. A gentleman invests in a number of staple items that form the backbone of his wardrobe. I use the term ‘invest’ because I am a firm believer that increasing your budget to allow for higher quality craftsmanship and materials will always pay off in the long run.

Below I’ve given a succinct overview of the absolute suiting necessities any successful man has in his wardrobe.

Black Suit

The staple suits in a man’s wardrobe are influenced by occasion just as much as the need for versatility. Formal occasions such as funerals still command a simple, single-breasted black suit. Though commonly seen as a dated and plain suit, there’s nothing more timeless than a gentleman who can perfectly execute the simplest of tasks.

Navy Suit

Versatility. The navy suits sit on the verge of casual and formal wear allowing you to move seamlessly from the office to the bar. The masculine blue colour matches perfectly with most colours and is an easy go-to option for every day use. A navy suit matched with a crisp white shirt should be a staple outfit for every man.

Grey Suit

Like the navy, a very wearable colour commonly seen in the office. The formality of this colour is more powerful than a navy suit and a perfect way to mix up your office wardrobe, particularly on a day full of meetings.

Double-Breasted Suit

The Double-Breasted Suit is the best example of why a suit should be tailored. A well-cut Double-Breasted hugs the waistline, giving a powerful, hour glass like figure to the gentleman who wears it. This cut is already a bold statement, so as a staple its best to keep your first Double-Breasted simple with a plain colour and subtle, or no pattern.

Summer Suit

In the Australian climate, a lightweight suit needs to be at your disposal. Choosing a breathable fabric such as linen, cotton or seersucker will allow you to stay cool throughout the day when the heat turns up. A slightly shorter cut on the leg and the addition of a cuff allows for a pair of loafers to be worn and ultimately cool you down.

Dinner Suit

Black Tie occasions are the few times in the year where everyone is expected to look their very best. For any gentleman, this task is relatively simple, the first step is to ensure you have a perfectly cut tuxedo. We have some great customisations that give a nod to tradition but also provide a unique and personal edge.

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Miles Wharton – Founder – The Bespoke Corner

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