Casual Friday is commonly used as an excuse to dress down. I think it’s a great opportunity to mix up your outfit from the traditional business suit you may be sporting during the week. Although its ‘Casual Friday’, there are still meetings to attend and clients to see (unless you’re lucky enough to be out on the greens). Here are four ideas to try out depending on occupation and personal preference.

Casual Mismatch

It’s tough to beat simplicity. If you asked me to choose one outfit for all occasions it would be a crisp white shirt, pair of trousers and loafers overlayed with a sports jacket. Depending on your occupation, there is a limit to how casual you can go. Some men can get away with a driving shoe, whilst others need to stay with a dress shoe such as a loafer or oxford. The key here is to keep your garment pattern simple and let the contrasting colours of the trousers, shirt and jacket do the talking.

Casual Suit

The casual element is achieved by removing the tie and changing the suit fabric from your typical wool suit. My favourite fabrics are linen, cotton and seersucker as they are generally lightweight and very breathable, meaning you can easily transition to casual settings such as a bar or restaurant without sacrificing comfort. We have a huge selection of fabrics in our showroom so come in for a whisky and we will run you through the offering.

Bold Suit

While everyone is dressing down, why not dress up and stick the finger up to Casual Friday? A suit with a bold pattern may not be appropriate for your work week, but will be welcomed on a Friday. Heading for a drink after work? Lose the tie and jacket and you’re left with a casual look with pants that add a bit of pop.

Let us show you how to create a wardrobe for all occasions, just get in contact.

– Miles Wharton, Co-founder of The Bespoke Corner.

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