We are very proud to announce to our customers an exciting fabric from famous Italian Mill, Cerutti 1881. The fabric is waterproof, crease proof and stain resistant and in our eyes makes for the perfect traveling suit.The high twisted yarns in the fabric provide a natural resistance to creasing allowing it to cope with all positions such as getting in and out of cars, sitting for meetings or long periods in aeroplane seats. Additionally, the coating of the wool-mohair and wool-mohair-silk blend gives the fabric its’ water and stain resistant characteristics meaning you don’t need to stress about any split glasses of wine or being caught in the rain running to a meeting.

Given the fabric’s resistancies, it is fair to expect the suit would feel fairly rigid. Amazingly, due to the high yarn and characteristics of the Queensland wool used, your suit won’t sacrifice any breahtability ensuring you ravel in style without sacrificing comfort or the livelihood of your suit.

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