The discussion surrounding matching your outfit can sometimes be a little convoluted. Many blogs and online sources provide colour wheels and strange matching techniques that aren’t really relevant. The majority of our clientele are time poor and seek simple solutions for their everyday suiting needs. It’s something we discuss with our clients when ordering new garments. What suits, shirts and ties are already in their work-week arsenal, and how will the new garments ‘fit in’ so to speak?

The title in this article could be slightly misleading as although you need to match your tie, its not where the story starts. When discussing what to wear, we start with the outer layers and work our way in. For a simple day in the office, start with the suit, the shirt and then finish with the tie.

Some basic rules of thumb are:

  • A light shirt, with a dark tie is always a winner
  • Plain shirts are the simplest yet most versatile solution (and generally look the best)
  • Avoid too many patterns (stick to a max of two between your suit, shirt, tie and pocket square)
  • Never have the same pattern between shirt, tie and pocket square. Differ by size and type of pattern.

Below I’ve chosen a few basic combinations that should be adhered to.

Solid Shirt – Solid Tie

We preach simplicity. Well-fitted, quality garments in simple colours and tones will always ooze style. While everyone else tries to over do it, stick with an understated elegance that actually stands out more.

Solid Shirt – Pattern Tie

A light coloured, solid shirt in my opinion should be the staple shirt of any time-poor businessmen given its versatility. There’s no decision to be made each morning given nearly every tie will match with a white or light blue shirt.

Pattern Shirt – Solid Tie

As discussed earlier, we should try and limit too many different patterns to avoid them fighting each other. A dark coloured, plain tie will contrast and compliment the shirt’s pattern leaving a sophisticated look.

Pattern Shirt – Pattern Tie

This is a tricky one. If you’re going to go for it, the key rules is to have differing patterns. For example if you are wearing a striped shirt, you would not match it with a tie with a similar sized stripe.

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Miles Wharton – Founder – The Bespoke Corner

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