Any investment in an asset requires a certain level of care and maintenance to maximise return. Suiting should be no different. We want value for money and to ensure each suit we create can be worn well into the future.

The longevity of yours suits can be maximised by focusing on three key areas: rotation, cleaning and storage. Putting care into ensuring each area is done well will reap benefits and allow constant value for money into the long term.


There is no doubt your suit, particularly suit pants, can take a beating when consistently worn in office and social settings. The combination of sitting and standing and moving in and out of vehicles means your suit pants will wear if worn each day. To counteract this we suggest rotating between your suits to spread the wear and tear and increase its longevity. Beyond this, we suggest to all our clients to commission two trousers with each suit to ensure they can wear the suit for many years to come.


For general care of winkles, creases and odours you only need to have your suit steam cleaned or pressed which you can do at home with a steamer or very inexpensively at your dry cleaners. Dry cleaning should be the last resort, and be done at most three times per year.

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For everyday cleaning, it is important to spend 15 seconds attending to your suit with a suit brush. Everyday your suit is exposed to ample dust and dirty surfaces. These dirty particles get caught in the wool fibres and over time can ruin the suit.


Storing is a simple job that goes a long way. First, it is essential to use a wooden hanger to hang your suit. A wire hanger will ruin the drape and structure of your suit and should be avoided. Additionally, keep the jacket and trousers in a cloth suit bag that is breathable. This also aids in protecting your suit from any dust, odours or nasty silverfish eating.

Overall the key point to take note of is that an extra 30 seconds a day brushing your suit and storing it properly will drastically extend the life of your suit.

If you have any questions or want to chat about a new suit or garment, please get in contact. We have an extensive range of Italian fabrics, ties and pocket squares. Our bespoke and made to measure service in Sydney and Melbourne work around your schedule.

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