Derby Day – 3rd November

Inaugurated in 1855, Derby Day is the most traditional and prestigious day of the Spring Racing carnival at Flemington. Although the dress code has relaxed over the past decade, any well-rounded gentlemen should always respect the traditional element of such an event by adhering to it’s well-known tradition of dressing in black and white. Although many gentlemen find it difficult to resist sporting a bit of pizzazz at the races, this is the one event where less, really is more. An understated elegance is what you should strive for. The first step is commissioning a black (preferably) or charcoal suit. If this is too plain for you try going with a herringbone cloth to add an element of texture. Next, a white shirt should be paired with a black or neutral coloured tie. Opt for a 100% pure silk or woolen knit tie to ensure the various materials are contrasting. Further accessories should include a silk pocket square in white, black leather dress watch and blue cornflower for your lapel.

Melbourne Cup – 6th November

Melbourne Cup is the day every gentleman gets to be as ostentatious and flamboyant and he wishes, without worrying about any judgement. Given it is likely be a very hot day, we suggest a single or double-breast suit in linen and cotton with half canvas will fit best and offer a classy texture. For the colour, a light earthy tone such as beige, light green, or a pastel such as pink will keep your outfit bright without being over the top. To provide contrast with these bright colours, we recommend a crisp white shirt with a spread collar will suit best and also allow an easy match with your acccessories. A colourful silk tie in four-in-hand knot, loud pocket square and a pair of calf leather or suede loafers will complete the basics of the outfit. Optional accessories include a white or cream Panama Hat, leather dress watch and Yellow rose (as per tradition).

Oaks Day – 8th November

Commonly referred to as Ladies Day, the Kennedy Oaks is ruled by feminine touches and bright pastels. Even the traditional flower for the day is a pink rose. We suggest to treat your suiting approach much like Melbourne Cup Day however reduce any loud garments or accessories. Keep it simple, light and understated – similar to a Summer Wedding. A great look could be a light clue two-piece suit with brown oxfords, white shirt and bright pastel tie.

Stakes Day – 10th November

Stakes Day is the last event of the Flemington Carnival, or the most casual for good reason. This is a great opportunity to dress down your outfit with a summer blazer and mis-matched trousers. As a rule of thumb, try to keep the colour of your trouser lighter than your jacket. This helps keep a slim silhouette looking down your body. A neutral-coloured knit tie, linen pocket square and pair of tassel loafers will finish the outfit in a classy style. To stay within tradition, a red rose can be worn on your lapel.

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