The battle between off-the-rack suiting and made to measure has recently been a point of discussion (and argument) within the suiting industry. In our opinion, there really is only one clear winner. Please see an overview of both categories below as well as the key points why our Made To Measure suiting should be your go-to suiting option.


The arrival of the industrial revolution allowed for the mass production of clothing and an economies of scale, delivering large cost savings to the everyday consumer. Given every man has a different body shape, it’s rare these suits ever fit properly. Additionally, generally the fabrics are of a lessor quality and use a fused construction, which significantly decreases the overall quality. To put it simply, you definitely get what you pay for.

Made – To – Measure

Rather than being supply driven like off-the-rack suiting, Made To Measure uses on-demand manufacturing. Each order is unique to the individual with custom measurements and style options. Most Made To Measure services use a standard block pattern and adjust the specific measurements to suit the customer. Traditionally only bespoke tailors could offer large selections of fabrics and keep records for future orders. Nowadays, Made-To-Measure services can offer the same level of service and all the necessary customisation options.

We create the best, for the best.

We do offer a fantastic fully bespoke service at The Bespoke Corner , though its generally not recommended for most customers due to the cost and time involved. Our Made To Measure service is our most popular option due to its quick turn around times and value for money. We take the core competencies of bespoke tailoring including the service, quality and customisation, and combine them with the efficiencies of manufacturing.

See below the key reasons why our Made To Measure service trumps all.

1. The Perfect Fit

Attention to detail is one of the keys to our success.

Don’t settle for less. As tailors we strive for perfection in everything we do as our business relies on repeat customers. Every body shape is different and commands its own unique design and set of measurements. You can have the best fabrics in the world, but if the fit isn’t right  you’re never going to look your best.

Our service involves two main consultations. At the first meeting we precisely take your measurements, discuss your style and choose the final design for the garment. Around 6 weeks later when the suit arrives in our Paddington showroom, we invite you back for a fitting where we make the final alterations (if any) to the suit. This two stage process ensures the fit is faultless and our customers are always looking their very best.

2. Freedom of Choice

Miles in Bespoke Corner Made To Measure Double Breast

Beyond a perfect fit, the draw card of Made To Measure is the customisation options that are available. When buying a suit off the rack we are always settling for less. Whenever you may find the right cut of suit for you, the fabric isn’t what you want, and vice-versa. We have an extensive a range of fabrics and style options available to suit every season and occasion. All the essential elements of the suit can be customised including the lapel, buttons, pockets, lining, and more.

We encourage our clients to have fun with their garments.

3. A Cost Effective Luxury Service

Many consumers flock to off-the-rack suiting and sales due to the reduced costs thinking that the suits are a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Once locked in to buying the suit, these consumers are then stung with the alteration costs required to make the suit fit to their body shape. These costs can be up to $200 and significantly reduce the attractiveness of the price initially advertised.

Our Made To Measure offering presents exceptional value for money. We can offer a fully customised, perfectly fitting suit for a fraction of the price of a full bespoke service. Our two different factories in Italy and China deliver two different price points ensuring there is a quality option for every budget.

Finally, we focus on the full customer experience ensuring luxury through each step and a hassle free experience. From the first whisky in our showroom discussing style options, to the final handover of the suit, we want our customers to enjoy themselves and look forward to commissioning their next garment.

Still not convinced? Pop in to our Paddington showroom for a whisky and we will change your mind

– Rami Mikhael, Head Tailor at The Bespoke Corner.

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