Although a handful of ‘peacocks’ may put a shadow over the true essence of the bi-annual menswear event being Pitti Uomo, the celebration and trade show is essential for any serious tailor or menswear designer. The event showcases the latest menswear products from the top European manufacturers and designers. Our attendance allows Rami and I to remain fashion forward and have a global presence as well as providing an unmatched and unique offering to our clientele back in Australia.The trade show is held in Florence and brings together industry professionals from all over the globe to showcase their best tailoring and menswear for the summer season.  Many of the trends showcased at Pitti Uomo can easily be transitioned into your new Summer wardrobe – I  have listed our thoughts below for you to consider.Wide Lapels Wide Lapels are still in-trend and continue to be a go-to for most in the industry. Notch lapels tend to be the pick as the points don’t ‘stick up’ as much and offer a more relaxed look. For any gentleman in the business world, a 10-11cm lapel will give you a powerful look as it makes your chest look larger and focuses the attention on your upper body. If you are a larger gentleman then opt for a slightly skinnier lapel to give a slimmer look.Pleated Trousers Generally we would recommend pleated trousers for larger gentleman however we found most attendees opting for a single or double pleat. They commonly provide a more casual look so choose carefully which suit you would apply them to. If you are commissioning a suit with a ‘busy’ pattern pleating can be a great way to break up the repetition of the pattern.   

Photo: Alex KingLinen & Seersucker Linen was easily the most loved fabric across Pitti Uomo. Its breathability and unstructured look makes it the perfect summer choice for any casual suit. Linen has a molecular structure so it can absorb as much as one fifth of its weight before feeling damp. To give you the most breathable business suit we would suggest a Wool-Linen blend as a 100% linen fabric will crease very easily and doesn’t drape as well as wool.

Shirts & T shirtsLike Summer in Australia, attendees of Pitti Uomo left their shirts open due to the heat. I found the most appropriate shirt option in this instance to be a crisp white dress shirt as the light colour will keep you cool and contrast with your jacket colour.For more casual environments, a good quality t-shirt coupled with a well-fitting suit can look fantastic. This is the situation where contrast isn’t as welcome and you should match your t-shirt to your jacket as much as possible. This leaves you with a smart, clean look.

Photo: Alex King

If you have any questions about the trends or would like to chat further about your next garment please give us a call!

– Miles Wharton, Founder of The Bespoke Corner.

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