As always gentleman, you are always seen before you are heard. First impressions significantly impact a person’s perception of one another. Generally I don’t waste time caring on what others may think of myself, however in the business world you and I both know this is critical for winning business.

General shoe care is integral not only for optimal presentation, but also for increasing the longevity of your shoes and ensuring a solid return on your investment.

Buy The Best Quality You Can Afford

I preach investing in quality to all my clients because paying an extra 50% – %100 on the purchase price will alwyas save you money in the long term.  In general, always seek shoes with a welted sole, in particularly a ‘Goodyear’ welt construction. A welted shoe is where the sole is sewn to the upper of the shoe, rather than glued. This will allow you to re-sole the shoe every couple of years as you wear through the sole, and keep the pair for close to a decade.

Cleaning & Polishing

There are many different methods for different types of shoes. The key point when cleaning leather  shoes is to ensure you remove all dirt from the surface as well as the creases in the leather. This can be done by using a damp cloth. Additionally always add cream polish or wax to protect the surface of the shoe using a horse hair brush.

For suede shoes, never use shoe polish. Instead, use a suede block to remove any dirt and add a silicone spray to protect the material. Most importantly, take care to brush in one direction to avoid a nasty two toned look across the shoe.

A good guide for cleaning specifics can be found at the following website.

Store Them The Right Way

Shoe trees are a gentleman’s best friend as they can extend their life by over 30%. Storing your shoes with the tree inside allows its’ shape to be kept and irons out any wrinkles in the leather. Additionally, the cedar wood in the shoe trees absorbs any moisture remaining in your shoes from their last wear.

Smart Wearing

General care when wearing is without a doubt the simplest way to ensure your shoes last a lifetime. Using a shoehorn is a life saver in keeping the shape of your shoe. Next, be mindful to rotate your shoes like suits. This rotation will allow your shoes to breathe and get rid of any moisture between each wear.

Equipment You Need

  • Cream Polish
  • Edge Dressing
  • Horse Hair Brush
  • Non-Silicone Spray
  • Cedar Wood Shoe Trees
  • Shoe Horn
  • Suede Block and Brush
  • Wax Polish (if you prefer a shiny look)

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Rami Mikhael – Head Tailor – The Bespoke Corner

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