In the age of pre-made, pre-packaged and pre-ordered, the skill of tying your own bow tie has become a dying art…but not necessarily one you need to possess.

There are many options to choose from. So which is better? Self tie or pre tied? Whether or not you choose to follow dress code etiquette is entirely your decision however there are three elements you should consider when deciding on your bow tie:

  • Occasion
  • Size
  • Colour, pattern and texture

For a formal Black Tie occasion obviously black is your go-to, in silk or satin. You may also consider navy if wearing a navy tuxedo or white for the more formal White Tie occasions. Feel free to play around with colour, texture and pattern for less formal occasions and be sure to consider fabrics like wool, cotton and linen for a more quirky look.

When determining the size of the tie itself, a general rule of thumb is that the bow tie ends should not extend out further than the edge of your temples but it’s also good to keep in mind the proportions and style of what you are wearing. For example is your jacket lapel narrow or wide? Or are you simply wearing a vest?

In general terms the width of the tie should be similar to the width of the lapel, so a large bow tie with a narrow shawl lapel may overwhelm your total look, where as a small bow tie with a large peak lapel may get lost.

If you are wearing a vest, it’s most likely you’ve gone for a more casual quirky look which will work with either type of bow tie, but keep the colour and pattern more casual as well. As before, keep proportions in mind when deciding on the size. If you’re tall and broad don’t choose a small bow tie, small and if you’re narrow don’t go too large.

You’ll find when looking at bow ties that the pre-tied variety are generally smaller where as the self-tie options come in a wider variety of sizes. Whichever you decide no need to worry as we’ve got you covered for all special occasions with our handmade Italian silk bow ties. At $220 they offer the best of both worlds and come pre-tied with an easy clip but still allow you the option to tie your own. The choice is yours!

If you have any questions or want to chat about a new suit or garment, please get in contact. We have an extensive range of Italian fabrics, ties and pocket squares. Our bespoke and made to measure service in Sydney and Melbourne work around your schedule.

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