Those of us who require a suit for their work have an ironic love and hate relationship with the summer season. From the air-conditioned office to the suffocating city heat, its important we feel comfortable in all environments. Beyond staying hydrated, we’ve outlined below a few simple tips you need to know to keep cool.

Fabrics Are Key

Everyone needs to have at least one summer suit in their wardrobe at their disposal. Any fabric with an open weave such as linen, seersucker or cotton will suit well by offering maximum breathability and comfort.

Choose The Right Colours

The first and most obvious point here is to stick to lighter colours as they reflect more light and therefore heat away from your body. Light blues and greys are the biggest perpetrators for showing sweat patches on your clothes. For your shirting, try to stick to white through summer as it’s the coolest colour and is the best for hiding sweat.

Lose The Lining

Deconstructing your jackets will allow for a more light weight feel and again, more breathability. Various options are available including quarter, half and three quarter lining. For your suits you will need to keep at least a half lining to maintain its’ structure and formal style. If you’re lucky enough to be able to sport a blazer then definitely consider having the whole jacket unlined. It’s a comfortable, stylish look with ultimate breathability.

Wear An Undershirt

This is the most overlooked tip of all. The common perception is that wearing an undershirt would only make you hotter. To a certain extent an undershirt does increase your body heat, though it increases your overall comfort by soaking up any sweat leaving your body. This means your dress shirt won’t stick to your body and no nasty sweat stains will show. Additionally, an undershirt keeps away any nasty yellow stains commonly found on shirts as a result of antiperspirants.

Carry A Handkerchief

It’s inevitable you’re going to sweat, a handkerchief allows you to wipe any unwanted sweat away and present your very best.

No Hats or Socks

Your body releases most heat through your head and feet. Stay away from hats and if suitable for your work, lose the socks and wear a pair of loafers. If your feet sweat, wear no show socks.

Prepare For The Worst

Always ensure you keep a spare shirt in the suit cupboard at your office. Additionally, keep deodorant and cologne at your desk so you can always freshen up if need be.

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Miles Wharton – Founder – The Bespoke Corner

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