With a fantastic year of horse racing already, the 2018 Spring Racing season is set to be a cracking few months of social events and race days. It’s a unique opportunity for the usually discreet gentlemen to really go all out and have fun putting together a couple of new suits and outfits.

The key to a successful season is starting to plan early (now is recommended) and to keep things tailored, and simple. Given the high heat predictions for this Spring and Summer, we are recommending an Italian-style for the racing season which will bring light pastels and earthy tones, unstructured tailoring and a relaxed style.

In this guide we have given an overview of each component of a racing outfit and what needs to be considered. In the coming weeks we will be sharing a more specific guide for each race day.


The two or three piece suit suit is the uniform of the spring racing season. What you decide on here will determine the other components of your outfit. For example, a bold pattern will then command a simple set of shirt and accessories. On the other hand, a simple pattern allows for more flexibility in choosing some creative accessories and shirt patterns. For amateurs we would suggest the latter is a safer way to go.

On the Italian Summer theme, we are predicting light pastels and earthy tones to be a winner on the more relaxed race days. Additionally, fabrics such as linen and cotton should be welcomed in a half-structured jacket


Suiting seperates are a great option for the more relaxed race days, particularly for taller gentlemen. Splitting the colours between the torso and legs breaks up the perception of length. A seperate set out of trousers also help to relax a complex outfit such as a double-breasted suit.

It is essential to ensure that your trouser is still tailored. Too many assume seperates means a pair of chinos are appropriate however these generally crinkle and won’t provide a silhouette and formal look required for a race day and its traditionalism.


Shirt choice works from a similar concept as the suit choice. A simple pattern is recommended as it allows for more flexibility in choosing accessories. Moving away from the typical corporate look of a white shirt, a light blue will contrast well with a light colored suit or tie. Another great option is a thin striped shirt with a light blue or pink stripe and white backing.


For a good pair of race day shoes, its hard to move past a pair of leather of suede leather oxfords or tassel loafers. Although the formality has relaxed over the past few years, socks may need to be worn with the loafers on formal outings such as Derby Day.


Stick to a few key accessories that are winning pieces and compliment each other well whilst providing an inviting mixture of contrast. The recommended list of accessories include:

  • Tie – a cotton or lightweight suiting material is matched well with a colourful or stripe pattern knit tie.
  • Pocket Square – a vibrant pocket square with a dark base and pops of colour will match nicely with your suit and light coloured shirt
  • Watch – a thin dress watch over a bulky sports watch will allow your your shirt and jacket sleeve to sit cleaner.
  • Sunglasses
  • Brimmed hat
  • Lapel pin or flower

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