We are strong advocates for investing in quality. We create garments which last a lifetime and keep our clients looking their best for many years to come. To manage the longevity of our suits, we ask our clients to maintain an element of care. This care assists us in providing an exceptional product, and keeps more money in our clients pocket. Too many gentlemen take their garments to the dry cleaner on a regular basis, potentially ruining thousands of dollars worth of clothing.

Below we have given an overview (or reminder) plus a few tips on caring for your suit.

Cleaning & Care

It is extremely important that gentlemen know the difference between a dry clean and a steam clean. For general care of winkles, creases and odours you only need to have your suit steam cleaned or pressed which you can do at home with a steamer or very inexpensively at your dry cleaners. Dry cleaning should be the last resort, and be done at most three times per year. With most suits being made of wool, its the equivalent to taking a sheep to slaughter. The harsh chemicals used at most commercial dry cleaners ruin the fibers in the suit causing fading as well as significantly decreasing the garments’ life span.

Always talk with your dry cleaner and explain the problem with your suit. Usually there is only a distinct stain which requires spot cleaning, not a full dry clean. Also remember to ask them to wrap your buttons in foil to avoid any breakage, particular with Pearl buttons.

In addition to cleaning, it is important to rotate your suits as much as possible to reduce wearing, particularly around the crutch.  Any man who wears a suit everyday should generally look at purchasing two two pairs of trousers which each suit.

Travelling & Storing

The first clear message here is to ensure you hang your suit on a sturdy hanger, preferably wooden, or one from The Bespoke Corner. A wire hanger will ruin the drape and structure of your suit and should be avoided at all costs.

When storing your suit or travelling, keep the garment in a cloth suit bag that is breathable. This also aids in protecting your suit from any dust, odours or nasty silverfish eating. If you need a hand packing your suitcase, please see one of our tutorials here.

If you have any questions or want to chat about your next garment, please get in contact.

Miles Wharton – Founder – The Bespoke Corner

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