There are many things a well-rounded gentleman ought to be, but when it comes to suiting there’s a few points one should keep in mind at all times. The underlying point that is relevant to dressing stylishly, is that a gentleman should never settle for less. Whether it be polished shoes, a well-ironed shirt or a well-fitting suit – it all adds up to reflect who we are and how we operate. Like making your bed or exercising in the morning, these small considerations set the tone for your approach to taking on the world. Below we list a few key points to pay attention to when dressing…

A gentleman should:

Never have a gap between the point of his shirt collar and his lapel.

Match his sock colour to the same tone as his suit colour.

Aim to have no break in his trouser – clean lines are more flattering.

Opt for side tabs over belt loops – this creates a cleaner silhouette.

Always match his leather (most importantly between shoes and belt – watches and bags can prove difficult.)

Match different textures to provide contrast through the outfit.

Always unfasten buttons when sitting and only fasten the top button at all other times.

Steer clear of chunky sports watches when wearing a suit.

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Miles Wharton – Founder – The Bespoke Corner

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