As it starts to get a little crisper in the morning and getting out of bed is a little less appealing, we know its time to start reshuffling our wardrobe for the winter season. Layering is extremely important moving into the colder months, however we are lucky enough in Australia to be able to keep things fairly simple. A well-made, bespoke overcoat is the first step in the right direction and a staple piece every man should have in his wardrobe.

What Fabric is best for me?

It is important to note that an overcoat is a long-term purchase. This is a staple piece you will have in your wardrobe for many years to come. With that being said, its important to ensure we get the design right from the start. At The Bespoke Corner, we offer three different types of fabrics to suit lifestyle and budget including: Australian Merino Wool, Cashmere and Alpaca Wool.

Our Australian Merino Wool is our most price conscious fabric as it is easily more accessible than cashmere and alpaca wool as it comes from sheep, which Australia and New Zealand are not short of. It is an extremely versatile fabric which can be found in a variety of different blends and colours. It also quite durable which makes it a good go-to fabric for anyone seeking a quality overcoat, without breaking the bank.

Cashmere on the other hand is much more difficult to source as it is found on the under body of Kashmir Goats. Although slightly more expensive, this fabric is 7-8 times warmer than Merino Wool and is commonly a lot softer. The downside is that the fibers are shorter so it is more prone to pilling and is more delicate so may not suit all working gentleman. At The Bespoke Corner we do also offer a variety of different cashmere and woolen blends which essentially provides a sensible mixture between comfort and durability. It is also a lot more cost effective than pure cashmere.

The third main option we offer to our clients is Alpaca Wool. It is extremely durable and water resistant and offers a luxurious and silky natural fiber. This is a great option if you would like something more luxurious than 100% wool, and where Cashmere is too fragile for your lifestyle.

The final option is the Rolls Royce of overcoat fabrics and one of the rarests wools in the world – Vicuna Wool . This fabric is spun from the natural fiber of Vicuna hair (like small Camels), found in South America. Their coat is said to feature the softest hair in the world. The For those wanting to literally break the bank, this can be offered at circa $30k.

Overcoat Styles

The Double Breasted Overcoat

The double-breasted option is the most suitable in the business world and best paired with a suit. The double-breast exerts a professional and powerful ambiance as the buttons pull together both sides of the jacket for a more structured look. This structured look lends itself to more formal occasions. Beyond purely the aesthetics, a double-breasted overcoat will generally keep you warmer than a single-breast, as you have more layers overlapping when fastened There are various button options however we advise more clients to go for the 6-button overcoat as it is the most practical and versatile.

The Single-Breasted Overcoat

As discussed above, the single-breast overcoat is the less formal overcoat, however provides many alternative benefits. Predominately it allows for more versatility as it can just as easily be paired with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt for a casual look. A cream overcoat will allow for wear over your bespoke suit but just as easily match well with a pair of trousers and sneakers.

We’re very excited about our new season of overcoats. Come and have a whisky in our showroom and let’s chat further. We specialise in providing wedding party consultations and our Sydney showroom has an extensive range of Italian fabrics, ties and pocket squares. Our bespoke and made to measure service in Sydney works around your schedule.

Miles Wharton – Founder – The Bespoke Corner

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