Casual Friday has become a dilemma in a world where chinos have become corporate commandos  and sneakers seem to be at home in a 40 level corporate tower. What’s too formal? What’s too casual? Some professions and industries command a suit at all times, and Casual Friday may simply mean losing the tie.

The key goal is to find something that can easily move from day to night and bridges the gap between casual day wear, which is too relaxed, and formal suiting which is too proper. How can we achieve this goal? Consult our 10 Casual Friday commandments below. I’ve also given you three simple staples to incorporate into your Friday wardrobe.

10 Commandments of Casual Friday

  1. When faced with the dilemma of Casual Friday, think cocktail dress.
  2. Casual doesn’t mean careless, still shave and present your best.
  3. Overdressed is better than under-dressed.
  4. Darker tones are more formal.
  5. Your outfit should reflect your schedule, your industry and your company.
  6. In most cases, save your jeans and t-shirts for the weekend.
  7. Logos and brands are not your friend.
  8. Pocket squares provide a sophisticated look and help retain a sense of formality.
  9. Always have a good sport coat available to formalise your outfit —you never know when you may be pulled into an important meeting.
  10. Relax, it’s Friday.

Three Essential Casual Friday Looks

The Laid-Back

A clean and relaxed look can be found with a pair of sneakers, trousers (or jeans) and simple t-shirt. Add a jacket and pocket square to show you mean business. Note this will be too casual for most disciplines

The Safety

The easiest way to move from a suit to Casual Friday is to simply mismatch a jacket and pair of trousers. Keep the collar open and opt for a jacket with a half lining, this still provides shape but is lightweight and breathable.

The Dress To Impress

Ditch the corporate navy’s and blacks for some colour and texture. A light coloured two piece suit in Linen, Seersucker or Cotton is a great, casual look suitable for anything the day (and night) throws at you

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Miles Wharton – Founder – The Bespoke Corner

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