You’ve just ended a long day at the office, and you suddenly remember that you have a casual function after work. Should you just stay in your stale corporate suit? Or will you need to get changed to be more relaxed and ensure you don’t look like you’ve come straight from work? It really depends on the type of function, but there are those times when you find yourself regretting going out straight from work in your suit.

If you work in the city, or the function is close to the office, the last thing you want to do is head home to get changed. As a remedy for these times, I recommend keeping a few key items at the office to guarantee you’re prepared for anything.

The Suit

How can you take your standard work suit and easily add a bit of complexity? I like to add a silk pocket square, a pair of chino trousers  and sometimes even a pair of loafers. These slight adjustments to your suit looks a lot better, and will always make you feel fresher knowing you’re not in the same suit you wore all day at work.

The change to a casual trouser will emit a casual vibe and completely change the look of your outfit. Taking off your tie will also remove formality. These subtle changes will give you that extra bit of sharpness and confidence for your event. By no means do you need to completely change your outfit, as this isn’t always feasible.

The Shirt

One of the most overlooked articles of clothing, the shirt is a garment worth spending your money on.

When choosing a shirt for the day, be mindful of how it will hold up after putting in a full day at the office. You want to look relaxed, not slovenly. Make sure you choose a good quality shirt made from a nice cotton with a high thread count; that way your shirt will stay smoother and crisper for longer and will mitigate any risk of sweat stains since the fabric will breathe.


For your chinos, pocket squares and loafers, keep the colours tonal. More than likely, you’ll be wearing a black, charcoal or navy suit, so a light square will always do the trick. For the colour of your chinos, I would suggest a light cream colour as this will contrast fantastically with a dark jacket. You have a bit more liberty with your loafers, but brown or navy tassel loafers will always make you look a million bucks.

If you have any questions or want to chat about a new suit or garment, please get in contact. Our Sydney showroom has an extensive range of Italian fabrics, ties and pocket squares. Our bespoke and made to measure service in Sydney works around your schedule.

Miles Wharton – Founder – The Bespoke Corner

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