We recently released an article discussing the main types of fabrics available in the suiting world. It’s important to distinguish the difference in these fabrics by way of formality in order to see how they fit into your wardrobe, and therefore work week. Below I run through a hypothetical work week and what your suit choice could be as a result.


Agenda: Emails, internal meetings and a couple of coffee meetings. A standard day.

Fabric Choice: Wool

Why: Your staple suits in your wardrobe should be made from wool  – its a natural fibre that is durable, comfortable and can be blended in a multitude of different ways making it perfect for suiting and a cost effective option. Why not start the week off with a bang with a simple double breasted suit.


Agenda: A big client is in town for a presentation so you need to bring your A-game.

Fabric Choice: Sharkskin/Crosshatch in Wool

Why: Formality and Simplicity go hand in hand. The discreet sharkskin/crosshatch pattern is impressive up close but not noticeable from a distance. Couple a simple 2 piece suit, white shirt and silk tie for an elegant and classy look that will surely impressive any top client.


Agenda: Out of the office most of the day attending meetings. It’s a bit cold!

Fabric Choice: Flannel, Cashmere or Dense Wool

Why: A simple grey suit in flannel is the perfect winter companion and is easy to pair with winter accessories such as an overcoat. The fabric will keep you warm and very stylish.


Agenda: A day with fairly informal meetings and a casual lunch.

Fabric Choice: Light Cotton

Why: A cotton suit in an earthy tone is a sure way to demonstrate you’re a man of style. Just because you have a casual day ahead, doesn’t mean you need to lose the suit and tie. Coupling the suit with dress,shirt tie and a loafer will ensure you meet enough formality for the business world or city. A cotton suit is very versatile as the jacket and trousers can easily become separates and be mismatched with other garments in your wardrobe.


Agenda: Wine and dine! Nothing on the agenda which requires a suit.

Fabric Choice: Mix of various including Wool, Cotton, Tweed, Corduroy.

Why: Break out the casual elements of your wardrobe. Unstructured garments with fabrics such as cotton and wool offer a comfortable and stylish look. It’s also a great opportunity to mix different fabrics and textures between your jacket and trousers. Below we see this Eur0pean gentleman mix a cotton blazer with a pair of wool trousers – the contrast provides a simple, ‘laid-back’ look.

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Miles Wharton – Founder – The Bespoke Corner

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