Derby Day – 3rd November

Inaugurated in 1855, Derby Day is the most traditional and prestigious day of the Spring Racing carnival at Flemington. Although the dress code has relaxed over the past decade, any well-rounded gentlemen should always respect the traditional element of such an event by adhering to it’s well-known tradition of dressing in black and white. Although many gentlemen find it difficult to resist sporting a bit of pizzazz at the races, this is the one event where less, really is more. An understated elegance is what you should strive for. The first step is commissioning a black (preferably) or charcoal suit. If this is too plain for you try going with a herringbone cloth to add an element of texture. Next, a white shirt should be paired with a black or neutral coloured tie. Opt for a 100% pure silk or woolen knit tie to ensure the various materials are contrasting. Further accessories should include a silk pocket square in white, black leather dress watch and blue cornflower for your lapel.