Made to Measure suiting is based upon the fabric costs which identifies the final price.

We have two productions depending on your budget and requirements.

Including within our price are all styling options (lapels, buttons, lining and pockets). Final alterations of the garment are complimentary.


Garments are carefully constructed & perfectly crafted for every day purpose.

We offer a range of Italian fabrics, breathable for the Australian climate, constructed with half canvas or full canvas for an additional fee.

Please allow four weeks turnaround time.

Starting from:

  • $999 Two Piece
  • $220 Shirts


Our luxurious range is 100% Made in Italy using a soft hand finished construction.

We specialise in only using the best craftsmanship to ensure no element is overlooked.

Please allow 6 weeks turnaround time.

Starting from:

  • $2250 Two Piece Suit