A Gentlemen’s Summer Shoes & How To Wear Them

With Summer upon Australia it’s time to lose the socks and let your ankles breathe. Determined by formality, the perfect summer shoe will be easy to put on, sit low on your ankle and of course be stylish! Below, see the staple pairs you need in your arsenal.

Dress Loafer

Given there are four main types of loafers for formal settings being the Penny, Tassel, Belgian and Horsebit – it is easier to categorise these as ‘dress loafers’. Perfectly substituting an oxford shoe, a Penny or Tassel loafer will match well with any suiting attire.

Additionally, many gentlemen find it difficult to dress for semi-formal occasions. (Their standard business outfit is too formal, and their casual wear is not suitable). A tassel loafer paired with tailored trousers and dress shirt is a classy but relaxed look.