Nail Your Casual Summer Look

Summer has an unparalleled ora about it. It’s light, sexy and has a distinct weightlessness. Filled with memories of long afternoons sipping rose in the sun with a group of friends, or road trips down the coast with the sunroof open and wind flowing through your car. Your clothing should reflect this relaxed and easy-going vibe, and below is how to nail it.

#1 – Lightweight, baby.

There’s possibly nothing worse than being in a summer heat in heavy clothing. Hot, sweaty bothered and eventually stressed. For the months to come, ensuring all elements of your wardrobe are lightly weighted and breathable is essential.

Opt for a light fabric preferably with a mix of linen. Linen is the fabric of Summer as it has a high moisture absorbency meaning it will remove moisture from your skin leaving you cool and dry.