On one of the biggest days of your life, everything needs to be perfect. Although there is no doubt that fashion shouldn’t overshadow the importance of the day with friends and family, it’s obvious we want to look our absolute best.

Getting it right can be tough. How do we find something that makes the groom stand out yet is still elegant? How do we find something timeless but still unique? As tailors, we know what works best for each dress code and work timelessly to make the process hassle free from start to finish. In saying this, I think it’s important each client understands what is options are available to them for each type of wedding.

If we logically step out the process, we leave no opportunity for you to look anything but your very best. Read on as a we dive into each common dress code and the considerations of each.

The two underlying components to consider when choosing your wedding suit is the dress code (or theme) as well as what your bride to be will be wearing. Once you know whether your wedding will be white tie, black tie, conventional or themed, we can begin discussing the different types of suits that will appropriately be at your disposal.