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Tuxedos The Bespoke Corner Tailors
Tuxedos The Bespoke Corner Tailors
Tuxedos The Bespoke Corner Tailors
Tuxedos The Bespoke Corner Tailors
Tuxedos The Bespoke Corner Tailors

Experience Elegance with a Custom Tuxedo from The Bespoke Corner

For those wanting to excel far beyond the boundaries of contemporary style, The Bespoke Corner’s passionate and dedicated team of sartorial experts are here to elevate your formal attire. Our custom tuxedos are meticulously crafted to perfection, ensuring an authentic, sophisticated aesthetic. Our attention to detail never fails to encapsulate the epitome of finesse. If your heart is searching for custom-made tuxedos to be proud of, step inside our ateliers for a truly life-changing experience. No matter the occasion, we will curate a masterpiece that captures the attention of everyone in your presence.

"By far the best bespoke service available in the country. I no longer purchase suits or shirts from anywhere else."

Tuxedos The Bespoke Corner Tailors
Tuxedos The Bespoke Corner Tailors


Formal weddings are the strictest affairs, involving black or white-tie tailoring, morning dress, statement pieces like smoking jackets, and luxurious materials like velvet. That being said, there are plenty of ways to play with more formal dress codes, whether it’s involving coloured jackets or dressing the groom in a different style of jacket from the groomsmen.

Tuxedos The Bespoke Corner Tailors


Classic wedding suits typically involve timeless colours, making it all the more important that the suit sets itself apart by looking as well-fitted as possible. A great option for those perhaps less comfortable in formalwear, experimenting with double-breasted jackets, different styles of shirting, buttons, lapels, and ties can be a great way to take a classic suit from good to great.

Tuxedos The Bespoke Corner Tailors


Dressing to suit the surroundings of your special day is important, Whether your wedding is on the beach or in a vineyard. The advantage of taking a more relaxed approach is that it gives you far more freedom to play with colours and materials, and even mix and match your jacket and pants. Linen and Silk blends are a great tailoring choice for such a wedding as they look more relaxed, comfortable and breathable on warm days, and don’t crease as easily.

Although turnaround time varies, we recommend starting your wedding journey with The Bespoke Corner at least 3 months prior to your wedding date to ensure the most enjoyable experience.

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Custom Tuxedos: Tailored Perfection for Every Occasion

When attending a formal event, it should be considered necessary to exude a level of opulence that surpasses all expectations. A tailor-made tuxedo from The Bespoke Corner is a guaranteed way to fulfil this desire. Our highly skilled bespoke tailors allow you to experience perfection like never before. Every finite detail of our tailored tuxedos is a testament to craftsmanship, setting the standards for tailors worldwide. Making a lasting impression at a prestigious event is crucial, and it can’t be achieved without the level of care, communication, and dedication you will experience at our establishments.

FAQs: Your Questions About Custom Tuxedos Answered

What Makes a Custom Tuxedo Unique?

Our Custom Tuxedos are specifically tailored to your measurements, ensuring all your preferences are met and offering you the chance to dictate your own style to the smallest detail.

Why Invest in a Custom Tuxedo Shirt?

With the ability to make your custom tuxedo stand out and add flawless style to your look, we consider a custom tuxedo shirt an essential part of your formal ensemble.

What Are the Advantages of a Made-to-Measure Tuxedo?

A made-to-measure tuxedo offers numerous advantages compared to one bought off-the-rack, but the primary advantage over a custom tuxedo is the time it takes to create.

How do I Get Started with My Tailored Tuxedo Order?

To get started with your tailored tuxedo order, you can text us via our website, give us a call, visit us at a trunk show, or drop into our ateliers in Sydney or Melbourne.