The ancient Stoic philosopher Epictetus advised: “Know, first, who you are, then adorn yourself accordingly.” At The Bespoke Corner we pride ourselves as being makers of impeccably tailored suits for Sydney men of distinction, and concur with the sentiment that a gentleman’s confidence and sense of self is irrevocably linked with the garments he adorns himself with.

Our business is built on the anchor that the experience of purchasing a custom tailored suit should reflect the gravitas of the milestone, combining a superior bespoke suiting product with traditional service and attention to detail. And, we maintain, it should and can be done at a price point that represents remarkable value for money.

Whether you’re looking to update the corporate wardrobe with reliable suiting staples that align with your lofty workplace ambitions, add some class to your tailored casual options, or inject some bold vibrancy into your look with made to measure suits destined for special occasions, like a wedding or the races, we lean on decades of experience to craft a tailoring service unlike any other.


While all of our custom suits embody the spirit of artisanal craftsmanship, we also understand the practicalities of budget and the gentleman’s desire to have suits across different price points for different purposes. In our significant experience as tailors in Sydney and around the world, we’ve come to recognise that most men want a Monday-to-Friday corporate wardrobe that represents quality for value, as well as a few highlight suits for special occasions and important meetings. For this reason, we have created a two-tier system, representing the ‘very good’ to the ‘very best’ of custom made suits in Sydney.

Our Blue Label range is manufactured in Hong Kong at the factory of our trusted partner. While the price is lower in comparison to almost any other custom suits in Sydney, owing to our long relationship with the tailoring workshop, measurements are still taken in person at your fitting and final alterations and inspections are also carried out by our own tailors in Sydney, ensuring the final product adheres to our commitment to quality. It goes without saying that even our Blue Label range boasts a canvas construction, rather than the fused skeleton utilised by cheaper suiting options in the market.

Our White Label suits represent the pinnacle of bespoke suits in Sydney, being handmade in Italy from the finest fabrics in the world. While they are priced at roughly double our Blue Label range, the provenance in the supply chain, from our expert tailors in Sydney to the workshop in Italy, represent unparalleled value in the Australian market. We truly believe that our White Label range offers the most polished and remarkable bespoke suit experience in Sydney or across Australia, and we do so at a price point well below any competitor.


Whether you’re getting married or it’s your duty to help the groom put his best sartorial foot forward as best man, there are few occasions that mandate tailoring perfection as much as a wedding. From our Sydney studio we offer an intimate and customised experience for wedding suits unlike any other, helping grooms and groomsmen navigate the made to measure options at your fingertips and the complexities of wedding attire with the old school charm of personalised tailoring.

From fabric selection to suit cut, lapel style, button selection, pockets, lining and cuffs, as well as the details of colour and style coordination (with each other as groomsmen, with the bridesmaids and with the formality/style of the wedding), our depth of experience in wedding suits means we are more than just world-class tailors: we are your trusted sartorial guides through this milestone. Call today to book your free consultation.