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You can check the status of your order and track its delivery at any time by emailing or calling the Boutique on or respectively.

We will respond within 24hours.


You have the choice of three Ateliers for your garment commission all offer an average order completion time of 6-8 weeks – quick service under 4 weeks is available at a surcharge on limited fabric selections.

On the receipt of your garments, you will be required to attend a second fitting where we will perfect any fit to your specifications. Any alterations are performed locally in each Boutique city and turned around within the working week.

Price vary with the selection of the cloths from over 10,000 swatches, and also with the selection of your Atelier. Our most popular Atelier Officina (Tuscany Italy) offers a stunning hand finished two-piece suit, in a floating canvas construction starting at 2,500 AUD. Our Atelier Primo offers cloths and an impeccable construction starting at 1,200 AUD for a floating half canvas two-piece suit.


We generally allow for 1 hour for an initial consultation, to map out your requirements, and be able to deliver on the same in commissioning your garments.

Second fittings once the garments are ready usually schedule only 30 minutes to perfect the fit with the garments on body.

Larger groups 4 or more can book longer session times where needed.


As the garments are completely made to measure, the commission of each garment is final at point of order and will require full payment.