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Weddings The Bespoke Corner Tailors
Weddings The Bespoke Corner Tailors
Weddings The Bespoke Corner Tailors
Weddings The Bespoke Corner Tailors
Weddings The Bespoke Corner Tailors

With all that goes into planning a wedding, the groom’s choice of suit is likely to be the biggest decision he makes when putting together his ideal day. For many men, their wedding is the perfect way to showcase their sense of style, whether that be by embracing a bolder look or stepping out in made-to-measure tailoring. We believe that picking a suit should be a special experience for all grooms, and that’s why we’re proud to work with both individual grooms and larger groups to get each and every one feeling their best when they step up to the altar.

"By far the best bespoke service available in the country. I no longer purchase suits or shirts from anywhere else."

Weddings The Bespoke Corner Tailors
Weddings The Bespoke Corner Tailors


Formal weddings are the strictest affairs, involving black or white-tie tailoring, morning dress, statement pieces like smoking jackets, and luxurious materials like velvet. That being said, there are plenty of ways to play with more formal dress codes, whether it’s involving coloured jackets or dressing the groom in a different style of jacket from the groomsmen.

Weddings The Bespoke Corner Tailors


Classic wedding suits typically involve timeless colours, making it all the more important that the suit sets itself apart by looking as well-fitted as possible. A great option for those perhaps less comfortable in formalwear, experimenting with double-breasted jackets, different styles of shirting, buttons, lapels, and ties can be a great way to take a classic suit from good to great.

Weddings The Bespoke Corner Tailors


Dressing to suit the surroundings of your special day is important, Whether your wedding is on the beach or in a vineyard. The advantage of taking a more relaxed approach is that it gives you far more freedom to play with colours and materials, and even mix and match your jacket and pants. Linen and Silk blends are a great tailoring choice for such a wedding as they look more relaxed, comfortable and breathable on warm days, and don’t crease as easily.

Although turnaround time varies, we recommend starting your wedding journey with The Bespoke Corner at least 3 months prior to your wedding date to ensure the most enjoyable experience.

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Bespoke Corner: Wedding Suits

The Bespoke Corner stands as the pinnacle of the opulent world of bespoke tailors. If you’re looking for the best wedding suits for you and your wedding party, you needn’t look further. We share generations of sartorial knowledge and an ethos that pushes us to create bespoke wedding suits like you’ve never experienced before.

Frequently Asked Questions about WEDDING Suits

What makes a bespoke wedding suit different from off-the-rack options?

Investing in custom wedding suits will give you and each of your groomsmen a masterpiece tailored exclusively to your tastes and aspirations. Off-the-rack options are usually lower quality and lack the individuality you need if you’re looking for the best suit combination for your wedding. From the intricately hand-stitched pockets and lapels to the custom shirt, you’ll be blown away when you purchase one of our bespoke wedding suits.

How long does it take to create a custom wedding suit at The Bespoke Corner?

The time it takes to craft your perfect custom-made wedding suit can vary depending on your personal preferences. Though we take pride in everything we create at The Bespoke Corner, creating the best wedding suits can take some additional time compared to casual or business suits. We strive to call our clients in as often as needed to ensure they walk away with exactly what they want.

Can I get my wedding suit tailored at your boutiques in both Sydney and Melbourne?

All the tailors at The Bespoke Corner have a tremendous amount of expertise and share the same philosophy, so either one will be perfectly capable of crafting your dream bespoke wedding suit.

What should I consider when choosing the best suit combination for my wedding?

When contemplating the best suit combination for your wedding, we will guide you through all the necessary considerations. The fabric, thread, stitching, buttons, colours, texture, accessories, outerwear, style, and personal preferences are all essential to consider in the service we provide.

Do you offer any unique accessories to complement my bespoke wedding suit?

We have a wide range of accessories to complement your custom wedding suit. During the consultation, we will be able to gain a perspective on exactly what will work for you.