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Welcome to The Bespoke Corner, a personalised tailoring service dedicated to satisfying the unique sartorial needs of a new generation of clients.

Bespoke Quality Garments

With a history dating back close to twenty years, The Bespoke Corner believes in quality over quantity and that there is still a place for romance and connection with garments. From the busy streets to the boardroom we believe first impressions count. We make clothes for those who cut through the noise before the first word is spoken. We are proud of our innovative and progressive nature, we guarantee our handcrafted garments and never take the easy way out.

A true and correct understanding of "bespoke" is where excellence of fit and choice are the objective. Your Tailor will deliver a one-of-a-kind piece of artistry, executed with precision and defining your personal style.

Always listening and interpreting our client's needs to fit both mind and body.

Bespoke Quality Garments

We make clothes for those who cut through the noise before the first word is spoken.

Bespoke Quality Garments

You have the opportunity to own and dictate each element of your garments’ architecture and unlimited access to the very best of English and Italian fabric mills.


With a reputation to carry that dates back generations, cutting garments at a young age, our storied founders to this day always hold respect of their surroundings, their teachings & tailoring finishes.

By 2013, when Miles Wharton and Rami Mikhael founded The Bespoke Corner, they knew then that the modern Australian deserved a tailoring experience that matches their "city", their calibre and their style. With a vision to provide a relaxed and comfortable setting in a contemporary showroom location, providing the very best fabrics, innovative tailoring, they set out to deliver a best in class service.

Our services and direction, embodied in our founders and is ultimately linked to our values and behaviours. We are not a clothing brand, we are a true bespoke service, tailors and concierges to our customer needs, we are a living organism, always growing, connecting and moving with the community we belong to.

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