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With an extensive range of shirting fabrics & design options you can create the perfect made to measure shirt.

We understand most men compromise when purchasing shirts whether that be fit or fabric. Our made to measure shirts allow you to select the perfect fabric, weight, colour and pattern with measurements to match.

Shirts The Bespoke Corner Tailors
Shirts The Bespoke Corner Tailors

Using leading technology and refined craftmanship, we will create a beautiful tailored Custom-made shirt for you. Every shirt is precisely made to your exact requirements from collar, to buttons, plackets, cuffs and pockets, all hand finished to the last detail of your own monogram.

With a wide range of Thomas Mason fabrics to choose from whether you’re looking for a classic business shirt through to a casual short sleeve performance knit.

Pricing from $299

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The Bespoke Corner offers far more than your average tailor. Choosing us means that your tailored shirts, custom outerwear or bespoke business suits are meticulously crafted by a passionate team of artisans dedicated to encapsulating the essence of your personal style. We are beyond enthusiastic when it comes to sartorial craftsmanship, and it resonates in every stitch. If you are looking for the highest quality tailor-made shirts in Sydney or Melbourne, look no further.

Tailored Shirts: The Essence of Personal Style

You would be pressed to find anything that comes close to our tailored shirts in Melbourne or Sydney. The Bespoke Corner firmly believes that elegance goes far beyond appearance; it lies in the finite details, fabric quality, and dedication we put into every custom-tailored shirt we craft. The garments we produce are a canvas upon which your individuality is artfully expressed. If you want shirt tailoring that mirrors your distinct persona, you have stumbled on the perfect place for you.

Custom Tailored Shirts in Sydney and Melbourne for the Discerning Gentleman

Truly bespoke shirts in Sydney and Melbourne might seem difficult to come by. We know how essential it is for the discerning gentleman seeking wardrobe refinement to find a tailor who can inspire, invent, and deliver. Whether you’re in search of a creative casual suit or tailor-made business shirts, The Bespoke Corner promises to deliver the perfect blend of tradition and modernity, celebrating the man you are. From taking the initial measurement to the final stitch, every phase of creation is infused with the spirit of bespoke excellence. Your journey to unique sartorial perfection starts here.

Bespoke Shirts: Crafting Your Signature Look

Successfully crafting a person’s signature look is a nuanced art form. The Bespoke Corner is a tailor who understands the intricacies of personal style. You won’t find a tailor-made shirt in Melbourne or Sydney that will express your true character like ours can. As well as a team of artisans dedicated to their craft, we allow you to choose from a curated selection of fabrics, collars, cuffs, and all other finite details you envision in your tailored dress shirts. Our tailors are experts in seamlessly weaving traditional tailoring principles, modern fashion narratives, and your personal preferences.

Exquisite Bespoke and Tailor-Made Shirts for Every Occasion

Whether you’re seeking the refined elegance and bespoke suit accessories of a black-tie event or a sophisticated bespoke business shirt, The Bespoke Corner thrives on delivering the most exquisite garments. Our extensive range of unique design options ensures all our tailored shirts are fit for their intended purpose. If you’re looking to elevate your wardrobe beyond any expectation, our team can’t wait to create a garment that encompasses a balanced melding of purpose and desire.

Elevate Your Wardrobe with made-to-measure shirts

The Bespoke Corner prides itself on its capabilities to elevate any wardrobe to unparalleled heights. Our tailored button-up shirts seamlessly blend comfort, style, customisation, and precision, each embodying our commitment to craftsmanship. From an evening soiree to a boardroom meeting, wearing one of our tailored shirts promises to enhance your appeal, causing onlookers to gaze upon you in awe and absolute admiration. If you want to stand out on the vibrant city streets of Sydney and Melbourne, join us for a fitting at The Bespoke Corner.

Experience the Perfection of Made to Measure Dress Shirts

Step into a realm of elegance and perfection with our made-to-measure formal shirts. Each one is meticulously crafted to exceed the highest standards of bespoke tailoring. Our artisans, armed with their unwavering dedication to perfection, will ensure each shirt is a harmonious union of function and personal style. We pride ourselves in crafting bespoke dress shirts that never fluctuate in quality, keep up to date with modern styles, and express the personality of our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shirting

What sets The Bespoke Corner's tailored shirts apart from standard shirts?

At our shops in Melbourne and Sydney, our artisans are dedicated to meticulously crafting tailored shirts that transcend the limitations of standard attire. With our blend of old-fashioned tailoring standards and knowledge of modern style, we understand what it takes to create a contemporary masterpiece. Besides our deep knowledge and unprecedented skill, we also source the most premium fabrics to elevate each creation that leaves our shop doors.

How can I get a bespoke shirt made in Sydney or Melbourne?

In order for us to produce your next bespoke shirt, simply get in touch and arrange a consultation. From there, our experts can guide you every step of the way. At The Bespoke Corner, we like to find out as much as we can about our clients so that they walk away with something far beyond the constraints of a standard shirt. You will understand the passion that goes into all our tailored shirts when you witness our process.

What options are available for customising my made-to-measure shirt?

When it comes to customisation, no other bespoke shirts in Australia come close. The Bespoke Corner offers a plethora of options, allowing clients to immerse themselves in all aspects of the garment’s curation. We believe when you invest in a tailored shirt, you deserve to come away with something that embodies your unique taste and preferences.

How long does it take to craft a tailor-made business shirt?

When you come in for your first consultation, you notice that every tailor at The Bespoke Corner shares a similar vision: perfection. For us to ensure you get exactly what you envision, the time it takes to create your tailor-made business shirt may vary. Of course, our team works fast, but our ethos dictates that we will call you back as many times as necessary to get it right for you.

Can I request specific fabrics or designs for my bespoke dress shirt?

Absolutely! The Bespoke Corner proudly sources its fabrics from some of the best locations in China and Italy. Whatever fabric or design you have your heart set on for your bespoke dress shirt, we are certain we can deliver it. We believe in crafting perfection, no matter the cost.