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Our outerwear offering includes classic overcoats, peacoats & bomber & shearling jackets available in made to measure with a luxurious cashmere, wool, alpaca & technical water resistant fabrics.

Outerwear The Bespoke Corner Tailors
Outerwear The Bespoke Corner Tailors

Our partnerships with Dormeuil, Piacenza & Loro Piana mills offer the very best in seasonal and traditional fabrics available year round.
From winter to summer, casual to formal, we guarantee fit and comfort in every garment. Enjoy the very best in construction and tailored craft from our Ateliers with detailing such as rolled cuffs, belted waists, various pocket styles and intricate lapels.

Exclusive partnership with the “King of Leather” Alfredo Rifugio (ITL) also brings world class leather garments available Online and in-Boutique featuring seasonal outerwear such as Baby Lamb Suede Bombers, and the sensational decadent Deer Skin leather Aviator with beaver trim all completely hand-made and made-to-order.

Options are limitless in our outerwear made to measure service, visit in Boutique soon and allow our tailors to make your ideas and inspirations come to life.

Outerwear The Bespoke Corner Tailors

Elevate Your Style: The Bespoke Corner’s Men’s Outerwear Collection

The Bespoke Corner’s men’s outerwear collection transcends mere functionality or style. In fact, our made-to-measure coats and jackets allow our clients to embrace an unearthed realm of sartorial finesse like no other. Our highly experienced tailors are masters of their art with the ability to craft outerwear for men that enables them to stand out and express their most authentic selves. If you want outerwear curated with passion and precision, allow yourself to be beckoned into a world where each stitch is an ode to our exceptional craftsmanship. Nestled deep within the busy streets of Melbourne and Sydney, our ateliers await your presence. With years of experience under our belts, we promise to create the best men’s outerwear that will ever rest upon your back. After all, it is the custom outerwear that makes the suit and reveals the man within it.

Unveiling Exceptional Craftsmanship in Every Men’s Outerwear Jacket

When choosing to visit one of The Bespoke Corner’s boutiques, you’ll soon witness the exceptional artistry that goes into everything we produce. Our men’s outerwear jackets stand as a testament to the exemplary dedication and mastery woven into every stitch and fibre. If you want to ditch your off-the-rack jacket and immerse yourself in a world where absolute quality is non-negotiable, nothing is stopping you from embarking on a journey of opulence. Starting with a fine selection of sumptuous fabric and finishing on finite meticulous details that bring our men’s outerwear jackets to life.

Beyond Functionality: Discover the Best in Men’s Outerwear Coats

The foundation of our bespoke men’s outerwear is functionality, but at The Bespoke Corner, we strive to push every imaginable boundary. Our men’s outerwear coats are a melding of utilitarian design and extraordinary customisation, tailored to the personality and needs of each client. Whatever style you are contemplating, whether for casual outings or business, we promise to seamlessly elevate your appearance to unparalleled heights while allowing no compromise in functionality. Our sartorial architects will ensure your men’s outerwear is one of elegance and innovation. Designed for the modern gentleman who demands nothing short of excellence, our coats achieve precisely what you want them to.

A Fusion of Style and Warmth: Explore Our Signature Outerwear Pieces

We welcome you to a world where warmth and style intertwine, creating an unstoppable statement. Our custom outerwear ensures neither your comfort nor elegance waver. Bespoke tailoring is our lifestyle, and each ensemble is designed to capture attention and admiration while maintaining unmatched warmth. Each piece we create is a symphony of self-expression, meticulous design, and comfort. Our signature men’s outerwear pieces define your sartorial identity. Step inside our boutique in either Sydney or Melbourne and let our master tailors unleash their expertise.

Tailored Elegance: Customising Your Ideal Men’s Formal Outerwear

Elegance is not simply something we pick and choose; it’s an unbounded lifestyle that requires careful consideration. The Bespoke Corner invites you to experience men’s formal outerwear like no other as you explore the epitome of tailored elegance and perfection. Whether you’re gracing a wedding or want to accessorise, our artisan tailors will seamlessly embed each piece of men’s outerwear with the finite details needed to produce an extension of your refined taste. The Bespoke Corner ensures clients command attention with unparalleled grace and sophistication. If you want to make a statement, come forth and experience craftsmanship like nothing else.

Personalise Your Wardrobe with Our Custom Outerwear for Every Occasion

We all know the true hallmark of the style is individuality. That’s why our custom outerwear allows you to infuse your wardrobe with a unique touch, representing the true you. At The Bespoke Corner, everything, from men’s outerwear to dress shirts, is a one-of-a-kind example of artistry. When you visit our tailors, you will soon realise that you are in complete control, from selecting each fine fabric to deciding the lapel size; our highly skilled artisans collaborate with you to craft a piece that mirrors your personality. When wearing our men’s outerwear, you’ll be able to make a plethora of statements without a single utterance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Outerwear

What makes The Bespoke Corner's men's outerwear unique?

The same thing as everything from The Bespoke Corner. Our men’s outerwear is a manifestation of sartorial excellence, where every detail is meticulously crafted to create a harmonious fusion of functionality, style, and, most importantly, your personality. We offer a luxurious selection of fabrics, and our expert tailors can create the most intricate detailing you’re likely to find in Sydney or Melbourne.

Can I find both casual and formal outerwear in your collection?

You certainly can! Whatever you request from us, our collection encompasses a diverse range, from casual elegance to formal sophistication. Our team of tailors are dedicated to crafting the custom outerwear your heart desires. Over the years, we have learned that everyone has a unique style, and it is our job to make it shine.

Do you offer customisation options for men's outerwear jackets?

We go far beyond offering customisation options for men’s outerwear; we strive to craft a garment that reflects every inch of who you are, inside and out. At The Bespoke Corner, you will be encouraged to customise absolutely everything, from fabric to style. This ensures your custom outerwear is not simply a garment but a reflection of your unique taste.

How should I care for and maintain my bespoke outerwear?

When investing in anything from The Bespoke Corner, you want a piece that will last. We recommend you take the advice of our highly experienced tailors when it comes to care and maintenance. They will be able to tell you how often you should have your men’s outerwear dry cleaned and what you can do at home to ensure longevity.

Are alterations available to ensure a perfect fit for my custom outerwear?

Of course. We wouldn’t let a client leave either of our boutiques without something perfectly crafted to their size and shape. Our custom outerwear promises an impeccable fit. Additionally, if you ever need alteration, you can always come back so your luxury outerwear will fit you like new all over again.