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The Bespoke Corner services offers exclusivity and discretion, delivering artisanal excellence, tailored to your exact requirements.

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a suit is not just a suit

From the busy streets to the boardroom, we believe first impressions count. We make clothes for those who cut through the noise before the first word is spoken. We are proud of our innovative and progressive nature, we guarantee our handcrafted garments and we never take the easy way out. A true and correct understanding of "bespoke" where excellence of fit and choice are the objective. Your Tailor will deliver a one-of-a-kind piece of artistry, executed with precision and defining your personal style. Always listening and interpreting our client’s needs fitting both mind and body.

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Bespoke and Made-to-Measure Services

Welcome to The Bespoke Corner, a personalised service dedicated to satisfying the unique sartorial needs to a new generation of clients. The Bespoke Corner Tailors offer exclusivity, discretion and deliver excellence tailored to your exact requirements. Today's fashion climate is difficult enough to navigate without brands and stores alike using confusing terminology for their services.

A Made-to-measure

Where garments are based off pre-existing patterns modified and matched to your body measurements. The master tailor / house cutter will modify these patterns to take your body shape differences into account, like jacket length and shoulder width. Note that not all Tailoring companies do the same amount of modification - some have different thresholds for when to actually make adjustments to the original pattern, some skip important things like shoulder-padding, or armhole size. Regardless of computer assisted programs any made-to-measure services should comprise of at least 15 points of measurements – The Bespoke Corner will take 29 measurement points to commission a two-piece suit. Depending on measurement accuracy or preference of the customer, there will be alterations to the final product, adding at least one last fitting before completion. Made-to-measure services will offer a complete list of options to rival Bespoke services.

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This is a very unique service, with only a handful of providers still in existence in Australia/New Zealand, where a new pattern is created for each individual wearer – essentially free-hand created. With no modification or use of base patterns per se, as that could lead the tailor to miss some of the small nuances of the wearer’s body. More than just measurements are needed to achieve this build including what is the slope of the shoulder, the arch of the back, where precise fall and drape come into play. Achieving a bespoke fit requires multiple fittings during creation of the garment. First is the skeleton baste fitting, second the forward fitting, third the fin bar fin fitting, all being done at different stages of tailoring. These fittings do more than just verify the original measurements were accurate in the beginning - talented tailors build on top each fitting, achieving a more precise fit along the way. Generally, there are no limits on options, regardless of complexity.


Each Boutique offers both Made-to-Measure and true Bespoke services. Every commissioned garment is the result of The Bespoke Corner method, a process unique to the company that requires 29 measurement points and more than 60 hours of effective workmanship. You will meet with a Tailor who is trained to take measurements and actively work with you to seek the perfect fit before handing them to the lead cutter in the Ateliers. For our Bespoke service you will be meeting directly with the person constructing the garment. Further guaranteeing our work as the person cutting the garment will always have more context and greater ability to meet the specific needs of the wearer. Unique to The Bespoke Corner Tailors both productions offer the same list of style options where the client can truly create his own masterpiece.


More than just the order, we are always striving to find new ways of understanding our client’s needs and new ways of communicating what we do. Each private appointment is assigned to a dedicated Tailor from the first meeting up to the delivery of your garment. With our service, The Bespoke Corner Tailors create the appearance and the very essence of luxury, with garments that reflect and express your personality. Each garment developed from the most exquisite cloth and made to measure in the finest tradition, with exceptional style and an impeccable cut. Select your fabric from a range of over 10,000 swatches, choose the style to suit your personality and have fun with a variety of finishing options. Your measurements are taken in open discussion with your Tailor ensuring maximum comfort and flawless elegance. Your garments will be made in traditional Ateliers and ready in Boutique within 6 weeks.

Trying on your garments in your first fitting with your Tailor will help you to admire its perfect fit and confirm that the end result is to your complete satisfaction. Alterations are made in-Boutique locally and returned within 1 week of the fitting consultation.

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When you become a member, your measurements will be kept safe for any future orders of a new bespoke suit. Any alterations made post-production will automatically update your base measurements. Your client profile can also hold multiple measurements for your varied taste in garments, from casualwear to formal wear fittings.

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Our specialist in Made-to-Measure can visit you in your office or at home to showcase specific new collections or requests. Unlimited access to fabrics and new collections will always be best supported and displayed in Boutique.

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