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Business The Bespoke Corner Tailors
Business The Bespoke Corner Tailors
Business The Bespoke Corner Tailors
Business The Bespoke Corner Tailors


Business The Bespoke Corner Tailors
Business The Bespoke Corner Tailors

No matter your profession, our goal is to educate and select fabrics that can give you the most versatility and longevity to your working wardrobe.

We understand the business environment has evolved over the years and whether you’re looking for a traditional navy suit with extra trousers or tailored separates our extensive offering will have you looking your best for any occasion.

Choose from hundreds of fabrics & limitless design options to customise your garments to the exact specification.

Our process has been designed to seamlessly guide our customers from start to finish to build your business wardrobe in our comfortable private boutique with a whisky in hand.

Book a styling consultation today to design your next business garments.

Business The Bespoke Corner Tailors

Bespoke Corner: Business Suits

At The Bespoke Corner, we leverage generations of experience, enabling us to truly understand and submerge ourselves into the refined world of sartorial elegance. Our ethos urges us to maintain extraordinarily high standards while adapting to the vibrancy of the ever-changing city streets we proudly call home. Once you’ve experienced the craftsmanship of our bespoke business suits, you won’t look back.

Frequently Asked Questions about Business Suits

What sets bespoke business suits apart from off-the-rack options?

When purchasing off-the-rack, you’re getting a much lower quality suit that hundreds, if not thousands, will probably own. Bespoke business suits redefine the concept of attire by offering a level of personalisation and craftsmanship that simply can’t be matched. From custom-made shirts to extravagant ensembles, going bespoke gives you a garment that fits flawlessly and exudes sophistication and exclusivity that sets you above the rest.

How does the customisation process work for your tailored business suits?

Our customisation process is a collaborative journey between our clients and our highly experienced team. It starts with a consultation to discuss your needs, tastes, and aspirations. From there, we select the fabric and discuss finite design elements such as accessories or custom outerwear. Our tailors then get to work, meticulously crafting the agreed ideas and concepts while maintaining high communication and calling you in for fittings throughout the process.

Can I schedule appointments in both Sydney and Melbourne for fittings?

Absolutely! Both our boutiques have expert tailors waiting to create your masterpiece. Whether it’s a bespoke business suit or elegant wedding attire, feel free to book your consultation at The Bespoke Corner in Melbourne or Sydney at your earliest convenience.

What fabrics do you offer for your custom-made business suits?

We have a tremendously vast range of fine Italian and Chinese fabrics. Please come by for a consultation if you want something specific for your bespoke business suit.

How long does the entire process take, from initial consultation to final fitting?

We understand the rush and anticipation when purchasing tailor-made business suits, but the time can vary. You will usually have a call back within the first week to drop by for a second fitting, and depending on your desired alterations, you will have your suit within a couple of days or another week.