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A croc belt should be your next statement accessory

No bespoke suit is complete without the perfect accoutrements.

Good accessories are all about taking pride in the finer details. They don’t necessarily speak the loudest in an outfit, but rather catch the eye and draw the gaze for a brief moment to compliment everything else you have going on.

It’s for this reason that crocodile leather continues to be a hot commodity in the world of luxury accessories, more than a century on from when tanneries in the USA first started processing crocodile and alligator skin to create leather with a thoroughly unique patina and a buttery-soft texture. And while brightly-coloured croc wallets are one of the definitive statement accessories, the material can also be used to compliment the luxurious texture and custom cut of a bespoke outfit.

Subtly coloured crocodile and alligator skin works wonders in complimenting a perfectly tailored suit and add a little more luxury to a more casual look, whether it be a custom pair of jeans or some tailored chinos. Heavily textured with that distinctive reptilian pattern, yet smooth to the touch and soft while being workable, these belts will slowly patina over time to create a belt that’s unique to the wearer.

The Bespoke Corner’s brand new range of Crocodile accessories are made with some of the world’s finest and most exclusive alligator skins, sourced from the Italian tannery that provides skins for Hermes and a host of the world’s most renowned luxury brands. Available exclusively to customise and order at our showrooms, get in contact here to make a booking at one of our boutiques here.


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