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ECHO is the exceptional new fabric from the Houser of Dormeuil and has been designed expressly for the modern man’s wardrobe.

The blending of Super 130’s wools from Australia and Patagonia give the cloth softness, unique performance characteristics including natural stretch. In addition, its finish provides maximum water-repellent performance.

Top-dyed yarn results in a rich colour palette and the collection has a wide choice of classic stripes, checks and micropatterns, expressly designed to appeal to a large range of different customers looking for high quality, design and originality.

ECHO imporantaly makes use of the latest ground-breaking forgery-proof blckchain technology developed by Dormeuil, which tracks and guarantees the origin of the wool and the different stages of production, through to the final fabric.

A stunning Super 130 quality, 100% traceable, natural stretch and water repellent finishing, come in Boutique today and experience ECHO under the expert service of your tailor.


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