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Eco-Traveller® is a new and exclusive travel cloth designed and developed by Holland & Sherry. Constructed from a high-twist yarn and woven from a plain weave construction, the fabrics from this collection have natural high performance benefits, making them the ideal choice for business travel attire.

Coupled with a water saving finish the fabrics in this collection are not only the perfect choice for business travel but have an eco-friendly quality too.
The combination of the eco finish and the high-twist yarn, produce fabrics that have a very dry, crisp handle. These qualities allow the garment to bounce back into shape both during and after wear.

Daily wear produces crumple zones at the body’s pressure and stress points. These points are unique to every person and change in tandem with how the body moves. As the body moves and crumple zones change, the natural qualities enveloped in these fabrics allow the crumple zone to unravel and the garment to return back to its natural un-crumpled state.

Eco-Traveller® is the perfect collection from which to select your wardrobe staples for both business travel and everyday business wear. Having amazing crease recovery properties, tailored garments will withstand that journey to the other side of the globe and will look impeccable upon landing.

Stunning patterns, vibrant colours and classic essentials are all in this fantastic collection, come in Boutique today and experience Eco-Traveller® under the expert service of your tailor.


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