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Fragrances to try this summer

Warm-weather fragrances to try this summer

The definition of what constitutes a summery cologne has never been more fluid. While we once all clung desperately to uber-fresh, aquatic fragrances to combat the warmer weather, trends have changed in recent years. Inspired somewhat by the rise of gender-neutral perfumes, more heady concoctions are coming into vogue even for use in the warmer months, embracing floral, woody and even spicy notes that compliment the heat in a unique way without feeling stifling. As such, there’s a more diverse array of scents out there for the gent who wants to step out in the summer smelling his best while also bucking tradition a little bit. Here are three of our favourites.

Roja Parfums Elsysium

ROJA Elysium Pour Homme Parfum

A classic summer fragrance, but make it sensual. Elysium is the freshest and most vibrant offering from Roja’s iconic luxury fragrance house, combining an initial wave of italian citrus and herbs with a background of sweeter florals, sumptuous woods and just a dash of pink pepper for a bit of spice.

Much like the Australian summer, it starts bright and devolves into something more alluring as time goes on. Available here.

Hermedica Dark Oud Fragrance

Hermedica Dark Oud

One of the new wave of genderless fragrances currently taking the game by storm, Dark Oud by french perfumer Hermedica is spicy, floral and luxurious, balancing a huge shot of rose with that ever-so-sought-after wood oud, the two combining to create something that feels warm and luxurious while still suitable for daytime wear. Bergamot and cardamom also lend a light freshness to proceedings.

Mizensir Cologne De Figure

Mizensir Cologne De Figure

Mizensir’s Cologne De Figure is inspired by the smell of fresh-cut fig leaves grown in a Mediterranean grove, which is to say it’s fresh and bright but in a way you might not necessarily be expecting.

Mizensir Men’s Cologne

Subverting the adage that says all refreshing fragrances need to be super aquatic or overly fruity, this instead is an explosion of green notes and subtle woods, accented with zingy citrus, a light minerality, and a dash of pink pepper to round things out.


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