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The perfect knitwear for winter layering, and how to wear it

A knitted long-sleeve polo is a cool-weather piece that looks stylish just about anywhere, and we’ve worked with some of the finest mills in the world to make our own.

Australia’s coldest months are notoriously tricky to dress for. One moment, it’s too warm for anything other than a single layer, while a quick southerly change is seemingly always on the horizon, ready to catch us off guard. The knitted polo, then, is something of a trans-seasonal style saviour that we don’t think enough men seek out in the winter. Warm-yet-breathable, it’s smart enough for a night out and comfortable enough to wear from boardroom to bar.

The sporting air of a long-sleeve polo also lends itself to a variety of different styles. It can be styled to be preppy with tailored joggers and sneakers, worn unbuttoned with a pair of shorts as autumn transitions into spring, or paired with pleated trousers and layered under a blazer for a more relaxed take on tailoring. Either way, few things look quite as sleek. The key is to make sure it looks and feels premium.

Which is why we’ve introduced our own. Aiming to perfect the formula that goes into the perfect knitted polo, our new line of long sleeve knitted polo shirts nail the essentials, made from extra fine lightweight merino wool polo with The Bespoke Corner’s signature tailored, and also get a premium touch by way of mother-of-pearl buttons. Available in three limited colours, we invite you to get in touch with one of our boutiques to discuss sizing here, or order online from our online boutique.


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