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Why cashmere and camel hair are two essential fabrics to get in y our wardrobe for winter

There are a lot of ways to subtly ‘lux-ify’ one’s wardrobe. You can upgrade from your standard leather wallet to something more exotic, add in a little fine jewellery, and upgrade staples like your t-shirts and jackets to something tailored. But rarely do guys consider going after specific fabrics—something that’s surprising considering the benefits that are to be had in Australia’s unpredictable seasons.

While many brands now boast of their merino wool and organic cotton creations, there’s a plane that exists well above even these two trendy fibres, occupied by the softest, most luxurious fabrics of all: cashmere being the first, and camel hair the second.

Cashmere, of course, is fibre obtained from certain breeds of goat, and is probably the more easily attainable of the two, having been manufactured across Asia for thousands of years before making its way into Europe into the 19th century, where it was prized for its feel and warmth. Super soft and easily spun, it makes for fantastic fine jumpers and sweaters that blend a certain level of casual cool with a premium feel that you can tell just by looking at it.

It also more effectively blends warmth and breathability, keeping the cold out without uncomfortably trapping heat—so long as you look after it. Camel, and in particularly baby camel hair, is a far less common material, but due to its scarcity and luxury, is well worth seeking out. Baby camel hair, shaved from younger camel sand spun into a wool renowned for its softness, is among the most sought-after fabrics one can buy, used to create luxurious coats, hats and accessories.

The beauty of camel is that due its natural tone, it’s both neutral and timeless, making it a great choice for working a tailored overcoat into your wardrobe if you’ve always wanted one.


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