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Investing in your wardrobe often means bringing home a garment that requires some special care. Here are some key cleaning guides for Suits, Jackets and Trousers.



Whilst tempting to bring your suit to the dry-cleaners after a few wears around the office and out for long lunches and dinners – there are elements you need to be aware of.

Dry cleaning your suits frequently can actually reduce their lifespan due to the chemical process involved and ought to be the last resort to general cleaning. The chemicals and products used at dry cleaning establishments are notoriously harsh on suit fabrics and can cause a lot of wear and tear to your garments fibres thus decreasing the lifespan. Unless your suit has trapped odours, that you care not to keep in the wardrobe, or has visible stains – dry cleaning your suit occasionally is fine but again should be only where stains are visible.

The Bespoke Corner’s own master tailor, Rami Mikhael, always recommends following three simple steps to care for your suit.   “From a first-time buyer of suits to the avid collector and connoisseur, there are three things suit owner should do to make your suits not only last the distance but also keep their drape and firmness like new for the next wear”- says The Master Tailor.

  1. Buy a Suit Brush, or any Brush that has nominated bristle <Horse Hair> – these are sometimes found in your local supermarket in the shoe shine aisle.   Bigger the better to work with ease but essentially any size will do.   Before and after wear, your suit should be brushed in a firm downward motion to remove the dust, skin and food particles that get trapped throughout the day.  Before wear brushing just gives the suit a little volume after being in the wardrobe for a while.   Another hint is to every now and again double up the brushing and use a lint roller to catch any additional particles but use it seldomly.
  2. If you notice a small stain or mark from the day, always use a clean moist cloth and spot clean the area, if the stain persists then seek a dry cleaners help.  Avoid reaching for detergents or other soaps or chemicals yourself as you never know what the reaction will be on your natural fibres.
  3. Lastly, try steaming your suit (using a handheld steamer or an iron with steam function always at a distance never directly on the fabric) before you hang it back in the wardrobe and certainly again before wear to eliminate folds and wrinkles.  Steaming the suit also disperses any odours that may be trapped in the suit from the day.

Mikhael goes on to add “that cleaning may be priority one when maintaining your suit, but then storage plays an equal and vital role in the longevity and durability of your suit”.

Here are the basics to know in storing your suit at home –

Invest in a Quality hanger

“Use a widespread hanger that holds the width of the suit shoulder comfortably.  The hanger should be made of wood, and with rounded edges to hold the shape of your suit.    Quality tailors gift sturdy wood hanger for each purchase, this is not a marketing ploy but sign of respect given to the creation and investment made in purchase”

Never store the suit in plastic bags, always use a Cloth garment bag

“Plastic or synthetic bags can trap moisture or even cause moisture buildup and mildew.  A nice cloth bag will keep your suit in a breathable environment and protect it from dust and mildew.”

Leave space between the suits

“If you are lucky enough to have a collection of suits, make sure you leave sufficient room between the hangers again to ensure breathability”.

We hope these few tips helped.