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More than a barrier against the cold, overcoats are a staple for all seasons

There’s a misconception that overcoats are just for the biting cold. Heavy, insulated and cumbersome, they are your protection against the elements rather than a stylish addition to your ensemble. As such, they often hang in the back of your wardrobe gathering dust until temperatures start to dip. But, while providing warmth and comfort are indeed a crucial element of any good overcoat, they are so much more than that. Or at least, they should be. Particularly, here in Australia where temperatures can swing between extremes in the course of a single day, a lightweight overcoat is an important layer that affords you the flexibility to account for such unpredictable changes in weather while staying true to your aesthetic. Because, rather than being merely a practical item that comes at the expense of style, they are another opportunity to reflect your personality in your clothes choice.

Winter 21 – Colour trend Rich Green
Winter 21 – Belted detailing

Which brings us to our range of overcoats. As part of our made-to-measure service you have the opportunity to individualise every element of your overcoat. And we mean, every element, from fabric and fit to colour and design. With a level of personalisation no other tailor in Australia can match, at The Bespoke Corner we can offer varying types of lapels, pockets, cuffs and even adopt on-trend colourways specific to any given season. This means an overcoat that suits your sense of style as well as your lifestyle and environment. Not to mention you can rest assured there will be very few other Aussie men with the same coat as you.

Winter 21 – Cream Naturals colour trend

With construction and attention to detail at the forefront of everything we do, our overcoats are a lifelong purchase, building character as time goes on like a vintage wine. Depending on your preference and the occasion, they can be worn over a suit, or even a pair of chinos and a sweater. If the weather sits in that frustrating ‘in between temperature’ – neither hot nor cold – wear your lightweight overcoat with a pair of jeans and a knitted polo shirt until you reach your destination. Versatile and elegant, they’re your go-to outerwear all-year-round, not just for winter.

Winter 21 – Rolled Cuff detailing


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