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The suit isn’t dead — in fact, it’s a more powerful statement than ever

A well-fitted suit carries with it a renewed sense of purpose in 2023, whether it be at the bar or in the boardroom.

The suit isn’t dead — in fact, it’s a more powerful statement than ever The Bespoke Corner Tailors

Menswear in 2023 is about dressing well and dressing for success— because you want to, not because you need to—and at the heart of this remains the suit – the crowning jewel in any male wardrobe that carries more weight than ever before. Recent times have left plenty of commentators wondering just what place the suit has in the wardrobe of the modern man. We believe it’s never been more important.

Contrary to the notion that these days you can wear whatever, whenever, those who make the extra effort to step out looking their best are commanding more attention and getting further for it—personally and professionally. After a prolonged period of business casual and working from home as the norm, men are reclaiming their sense of dressing to kill, making the suit a more powerful tool than ever, primarily because it stands out just that little bit more than it once did. It inspires a sense of unspoken confidence, allowing the wearer to feel and perform their best, and drives those around them to aspire for more—personally as well as sartorially.

Further to this, we think tailoring is in one of its most exciting eras. The diversity in cut, colour and materials on offer in 2023 gives men more options to stand out in exactly the way they want to. Some are rediscovering the appeal of classic power suiting in pinstripes, double-breasts and big lapels. Others are experimenting with introducing new colours and materials into environments with once-rigid dress codes. However it’s worn, what remains the same is that the suit remains the way to steal a room without even saying a word—especially in a world where the risk of turning up to an event underdressed is greater than ever.

There’s a sense of timeless elegance that only a well-fitted suit can afford a man. When worn to suit the occasion, it neither overdresses nor underdresses, but always makes a statement, lending it a unique power that men everywhere are reclaiming. All that’s left is to pull the trigger.