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‘70s tailoring is coming back in a big way

While there will always be something to be said for sleek, Savile Row-inspired suiting, the last few years have seen men experimenting more readily with tailoring inspired by a diverse array of times and style icons. Recently, for instance, fashion week collections and Met Galared carpets have been awash with boxy, off-kilter suiting reminiscent of the power-suited days of the ‘90s.

Paul Newman – GQ

However it’s the opulent and gaudy days of the ‘70s that seem to have had the biggest impact on recent style, with many of the world’s most lavishly-dressed men taking tailoring cues from the cultural icons of the time. There has been Harry Styles’ love-affair with the bright patterns, flared trousers and ‘70s colour palette of modern-day Gucci, for instance, and Donald Glover’s embracing of velvet tuxedos, huge collars and big lapels on the read carpet before that.

Lapo Elkann – Wall Street Journal

So how do you pull the look off yourself if you like what you see? Well, as with any period dressing, there’s a fine line to be toed between pulling the look off with style and looking like you’re going to a fancy dress party. The simple answer is to ensure the areas designed to hug your body do just that. Work with a tailor to incorporate ‘70s-inspired elements, whether they be material or in elements like bigger lapels or flared hems, into your next ensemble. Also take inspiration not just from the most opulent dressers of the age (Elton John is a great example), but those stars who became style icons in their own right while dressing in a more approachable manner. Think Mick Jagger and George Best.

And as always, accessorise accordingly

Harry Styles – Getty Images


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