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With proponents spanning from 007 to royalty, here’s everything you need to know about the epitome of leisurely tailoring.

Whether it’s the embroidered, quilted pieces associated with the most luxurious loungewear or a slightly more dressed up piece of statement tailoring, elements of the not-so-humble smoking jacket have come roaring back into fashion in recent times, meaning it may well be poised for a comeback.

Why it’s time you invested in a velvet smoking jacket The Bespoke Corner Tailors

So what is a smoking jacket? It’s a question with a surprisingly wide answer. As a catch-all, it can be used to refer to the type of velvety, plush jacket designed to be worn as the centrepiece of an evening outfit, typically typically worn over a shirt and tailored trousers as you would a dinner jacket. Smoking jackets typically have a slightly longer hem and a more relaxed fit, making them as versatile as they are comfortable, but as a general rule, they should always make a statement while looking uniquely effortless.

As such, there’s a significant case to be made for working an eye-catching smoking jacket into your wardrobe. Replete with exclusive materials like velvet and silk, they’re both luxurious and comfortable enough to cater for a wide range of formal occasions. And due to their cut, they look great when worn as an alternative to a traditional tuxedo jacket. 

The best part, however, is that they’re essentially a blank canvas, unbound by the colour of the other clothes you want to wear underneath. At The Bespoke Corner, we offer a huge variety of plush velvet fabrics from some of the world’s leading fabric mills, allowing you to choose the colour and materials to create the wardrobe centrepiece of your dreams.

To talk through the options about creating your own show-stopper of a jacket, book a consultation at one of our showrooms below.

Why it’s time you invested in a velvet smoking jacket The Bespoke Corner Tailors