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Why post-lockdown dressing is going to be all about fun

With the sun shining and people more keen to let loose than ever, the universal desire to get dressed up again is palpable.

We take you through the latest trends and how stylish gents are sprucing themselves up to have a good time.

From tailoring to shirting, a certain type of carefree attitude has crept into the way modern men are dressing right now. The harsh divide that once existed between the realms of streetwear and formal attire has now blurred somewhat, with more elevated, flowy pieces now finding themselves in more and more casual outfits. It represents a rejection of the stuffy style of the cities, and an embrace of a distinctly more Mediterranean lifestyle, with a new style code to go along with it. Wider pants, open necks and breezy fabrics are looking more and more like the way forward.

And with the Australian lockdown finally on the cusp of ending and the sun shining once more, this new laissez-faire approach couldn’t feel more appropriate. We’re more ready than ever for long, lazy afternoons in the beer garden and slightly raucous silly season events. It’s the perfect time to dress oneself up once again, and perhaps most importantly, step out looking good, smelling good and feeling good, simply for the sake of it.

With menswear trends being the way they are right now, this leaves a wealth of opportunities to embrace something new in your get-up. It could simply be a new fragrance that pivots away from your traditional signature scent. It could mean adding a knitted shirt into your repertoire, a linen suit in a summery new shade, or going for a complete style overhaul. All that really matters, quite frankly, is that you’re having fun.


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