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Balancing class and comfort, the white T-shirt is a classic for good reason.

There is beauty in simplicity. Sure, sometimes it’s the delicate intricacy of something that makes you stop and stare, but more often than not, it’s the things that don’t try too hard. Whether it’s a handcrafted suit that borrows from centuries-old principles of design, or a good home cooked meal, true quality is effortless. After all, there’s a reason these things have lasted the test of time. At The Bespoke Corner, this is the case for almost everything we create, but few items are as deserving of ‘icon’ status as the white T-shirt.

One of the core items of any wardrobe, it’s easy to overlook the white T-shirt, taking for granted its easy going wearability. But, like a handkerchief, you don’t fully appreciate the white T-shirt until you don’t have one. Or at least, the right one. Because not all white T-shirts are created equal. Oh no, dear reader, there are white T-shirts that merely fit the description (colour, check; form, check) but offer little else. They will lose their shape and their colour after a wash or two and the armpit areas will become stained after the slightest of sweat. These disposable numbers are to be avoided at all costs. Then, on the other hand, you have the white T-shirts that go above and beyond, providing a blank canvas upon which to paint your personality. They may seem plain, but underpinned by quality in design and material, they are the glue that brings an outfit together.

This is why we have decided to invest so much time in crafting the perfect white T-shirt, the one deserving of a place in your wardrobe for a long time yet. Our modern take on the classic garment features an elegant crew neck with a ribbed hem that differentiates it from the more flimsy vest-like imposters. More substantial than your typical T-shirt, ours are knitted using 100 per cent cotton Italian fabric, meaning they sit somewhere between a knitted jumper and a T-shirt. Not only does this make the T-shirt more aesthetically pleasing and softer to touch, it ensures the item is a long-term investment rather than merely intended for a handful of wears. Plus, all Bespoke Corner white T-shirts have hand-finished seams so the structure will maintain for years. No fraying or colour fading, just excellent craftsmanship you can trust. Because our principle – to never compromise on quality – isn’t just a tagline for our suits, it’s how we approach every single item that comes through our Boutiques.

If you still need convincing of the importance and the versatility of a knitted white T-shirt, here’s some styling inspiration to seal the deal.

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Some moments call for you to ditch the shirt and tie in favour of a white T-shirt.You get to keep the elegance of the suit, while offering a greater sense of comfort. Here, we’re reminded of why premium quality T-shirts are so essential: alongside a made-to-measure suit, a stock white tee will stand out like a sore thumb, cheapening the overall look rather than complementing it.

Cream Ivory T-Shirt available now/Online Boutique https://thebespokecorner.com/product/cream-ivory-knitted-wool-t-shirt/

Pairing a white T-shirt with chinos is the epitome of style and practicality. Wearable as well as chic, it’s a combination that works for the office, the pub or an evening out. Depending on the occasion, swap the loafers for a pair of sneakers.

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Beneath a statement jacket, you will require the simplicity of a white T-shirt to make things cohesive. This allows the jacket to shine as it’s supposed to, enhancing its flare by offering a sense of contrast.


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