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Why A Versatile Overcoat Should Be Your Next Wardrobe Addition

Overcoats aren’t something we necessarily think of first when figuring out how to dress for the Australian climate. Typically associated with dapper gents in New York and London who wear them over suits, they’re associated with those brisk winter days when a layer of extra protection from the chill is vital. But to dismiss the overcoat is to dismiss a golden opportunity to add a new dimension to your cool weather repertoire—one that’s far more versatile than you think.

The first and most valuable benefit to investing in an overcoat is that it lends a more tailored silhouette than other styles of coat. It doesn’t just fit seamlessly over tailoring, but lends a more professional air to smart casual outfits, whether it be a simple knitted tee and jeans or a tailored shirt and chinos. It’s a genuine boardroom to bar all-rounder.

Much like the suits it was originally designed to complement, the overcoat also benefits from a degree of customisability other forms of outerwear simply don’t—lending you a chance to move away from the typical muted tones and materials most men play it safe with when choosing a coat. The Bespoke Corner offers overcoats in a variety of high-end, eye-catching fabrics, from classic wool/cashmere blends to louder patterns derived from classic tailoring, like oversized prince of wales and houndstooth. Classic camel hair is also available to channel that London look.

To discuss your options for adding your very own overcoat to your wardrobe, get in contact with our Sydney or Melbourne boutiques today.


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