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Your next summer shirt should be knitted.

First popularised during the La Dolce Vita days on the Med, then again in sun-drenched films like The Talented Mr. Ripley, the knitted shirt has made a huge comeback of late. Few items of clothing quite manage to embody the certain sense of leisure as a knitted button-up does, given its sporting heritage, and as such, it makes for a perfect subtle style statement to rockin an Australian summer where the days are long and the evenings seemingly longer.

Your next summer shirt should be knitted. The Bespoke Corner Tailors

Part of the knitted shirt’s appeal comes in the fact that, thanks to its less rigid construction, its more freely on the body, somehow managing to maintain panache of a normal button-up while also giving a more relaxed, casual vibe that ensures it lends itself fantastically to outfits on the more casual end of the smart-casual spectrum. Contrary to the normal purpose of knitwear, it’s also much more loosely woven, meaning that thinner knitted wool shirts are also far more breathable on warm summer days.

This versatility makes the knitted shirt a breeze to style, whether you’re opting for a knitted polo shirt or a full button up. Dress it down with linen shorts and beach-ready slip-ons, a-laDickie Green leaf, or work it into a more tailoring-inspired fit with relaxed suit pants and sneakers. The options are endless.