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Tailored trousers to upgrade your style

A pair of tailored trousers is the most versatile way to upgrade your style

Perhaps the most enduring sartorial battle every man wages is the almost constant search for a perfectly fitting pair of trousers. All too often our chinos and pants wind up too big, too small, out of style or not of the required quality to last a long time, and that’s entirely without the constant thought of whether or not they’re suitable for certain occasions and dress codes.

So what’s the answer to building a versatile wardrobe that always looks great? To put it simply, it’s to bring a tailoring mindset as much to your everyday essentials as your suits and formal garments.

After all, if you’re willing to both wait and pay for the perfect fitting suit that you might wear every now and then, why not put that same investment into the wardrobe staples you rely on everyday? This is where, if you’re in need of a new pair of trousers, the tailoring approach comes in. 

The benefits of opting for a pair of tailor-made trousers are vast, but the true value, comes in the fact that you can customise your dream pair of pants to fit your lifestyle to perfection. The options, from different waistbands to pleats, side tabs and hidden pockets, are endless, as is your level of control over exactly how they fit, whether you want a skinnier look or a looser cropped effect, regardless of your size or body shape.

On top of this, the tailored look taps into the current menswear zeitgeist, one that is seeing stylish guys take a more considered approach to even more casual outfits. Wool, linen and corduroy trousers with a more textural look don’t just look great dressed up with a shirt and blazer, but easily pair with a t-shirt and sneakers for a perfect office-to-bar look.


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