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I have a navy and a grey suit, what’s next?

For many gents, the introduction to the world of grown-up suiting arrives in the form of the do-it-all navy or grey suit that carries you through years of formals, weddings, and job interviews. The fact that neither will ever go out of style, when worn properly of course, remains a constant. There’s a timeless quality to both. But there also comes a time when, if you wear suits a lot, you might be tempted to branch out into something a little more eye-catching. So what should your next style move be? We present a few options below.

Adopt a pattern

The simplest way of adding some eye-catching glamour to your suiting regime doesn’t necessarily have to mean steering away from the navy and grey suits you know suit you. Instead, consider adding a bolder pattern like a pinstripe, a window pane or a prince of wales check that’ll lift a well-made suit into something extraordinary.

Go for an earthen tone

While browns, beiges and greens are often reserved for more resort wear-inspired suits and linen pieces, there’s no reason you can’t wear them day-to-day. Earthy tones are neutral enough for plenty of people to pull off, yet different enough from the established norm that you’ll likely earn yourself plenty of compliments.

Go back to black

The sad fact remains that black suits are traditionally either associated with dour occasions like funerals and bank meetings. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The red carpets have been rife with stylish guys like A$AP Rocky and Robert Pattinson adopting black suits in a much trendier way, playing with looser cuts and pairing them with sneakers and jewellery, taking a forgettable staple and turning it into something that looks plucked straight out of fashion week.


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